USA Short Term Car Insurance

It was one of those days when what could go wrong did go wrong, my family descended upon me for a reunion of sorts. We had been tossing about the idea of a family gathering, but tossing the idea about was all that had been done. With no warning, I was inundated with people all phoning from the airport for pickup. Luckily, my sister said she'd help, but her car was in the mechanic's for engine work, so we rented a car and got temporary cover on it. I had not heard of this convenience, but on that day, I was glad it was there.

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The literature from the insurance company included what extra things the cover came with, such as locksmith availability, supposing we lost our keys in addition to wheelchair cover. That was a good thing to include because Aunt Min used a wheelchair due to an accident, in her youth as a dancer, in which she was flung offstage in a rehearsal gone desperately wrong. My sister and I thought nothing of this inclusion within the cover, but as I said, it was one of those days when if it could go wrong, it would.

Packing eight people and one wheelchair into my sister's rental car was as funny as watching a circus clown car trolley round a circus tent. Arms stuck out here, a foot there, and was that a hat sticking out a window there? I wondered if my own car full of cousins would look as humorous. My sister had to stop at a petrol station for a road break. They got Aunt Min's wheelchair out of the boot, but just as they were lifting Aunt Min out of the car, a group of young people took the wheelchair and ran off with it.

A strong cousin got out of my vehicle to carry Aunt Min into the petrol station. My sister calmly called the insurance agency to report the theft and was assured another chair would be along soon. An hour later Aunt Min had another wheelchair and the culprits had been rounded up, but without the chair, which they had destroyed. We deposited some of our guests at my sister's house. The cousins and I arrived at my house with no further mishap. A day later, another group of family arrived and we put them up at a local bed and breakfast. The family gathering went off without a hitch and the whole thing was just lovely.

The temporary cover on my sister's rental car was a lifesaver for us on that day. From the surprise of the family invasion, we had gone to unexpected retrieval and then to the unpleasantness of the wheelchair theft. The temporary cover agency had a wonderful product with extra coverage I wouldn't have thought necessary. I was not aware that temporary cover existed, but it answers a need for people in unexpected circumstances. Many thanks to nice people working for a nice company coming to our rescue.

Piz Bronn 2006